Energy Saving Window Film

This product makes a window or glass door more thermally efficient, blocking heat gain in summer and preventing heat loss in winter. Savings on heating and cooling bills can be significant after the installation of an energy saving film, as much as fifty percent. Perfect for homes, businesses, and government installations looking to save money on recurring energy bills, including hotels, hospitals, offices, factories, malls, high rises, schools, universities, etc.

Safety & Security Films

This product adds a layer of strong polyester mesh to the windows – barely visible to the eye, but heavy enough to do the job. It makes the windows much more resistant to shattering, and if they are broken it holds the glass in place in the frame, preventing vandals and burglars from gaining entry and eliminating dangerous glass debris and its resulting cleanup. Excellent for Dallas businesses and residences alike, as well as government buildings. Our most comprehensive security film systems are designed to resist impact as powerful as a bomb blast, which is why it is often used in government facilities, laboratories, or any public areas that might be terrorist targets. Since one of the highest causes of fatalities from a bomb blast is flying shrapnel, the bomb blast film can eliminate some of this danger by keeping the glass in the window frames.

Decorative Films

Privacy window film adds privacy without blocking the light, and can have the appearance of frosted, textured, patterned, or even mirrored glass. Perfect in the entryway of a home or the glass walls enclosing a corner office.
Like the privacy film, decorative films come in a wide array of colors, patterns, designs, and styles. They add an instant update and interest to any room for an affordable cost.

Anti-Graffiti Film

This is a series of products that can be applied to glass, mirrors, or even smooth metal surfaces. If graffitied, it can be removed, leaving the surface clean and unmarred and ready for a fresh application of film.

Residential and Commercial Window Films Give Dallas an Array of Benefits

Dallas is a city of contrasts, from its modern high rises like the 72-story Bank of America Plaza, to its many historical neighborhoods and attractions, like the beautiful Millermore Mansion in Old City Park. We offer high-performance window films to all of Dallas’ homeowners and business owners, whether they are looking for energy saving films, privacy films, or films that can keep the windows in place during an explosion or bomb blast.
Window films have come a long way. Here is a rundown of the top window film products on the market today, along with their benefits.
Please contact us with any questions about our window film products, to receive a quote, or to schedule a window film installation for your home or business. We offer our high-performance window films to all Dallas neighborhoods and communities, including:

  • Bishop Arts District
  • Bluffview
  • Casa Linda
  • Casa View
  • The Cedars
  • Deep Ellum
  • Design District
  • Downtown
  • East Dallas
  • Exposition Park
  • Fair Park

  • Forest Hills
  • Kessler Park
  • Knox-Henderson
  • Knox Park
  • Lakeland Hills
  • Lakewood
  • Lake Highlands
  • Lower Greenville
  • “M” Streets
  • Oak Cliff
  • Oak Lawn
  • Park Cities
  • Preston Hollow
  • Santa Monica/Hollywood
  • South Dallas
  • Trinity Groves
  • Turtle Creek
  • Uptown
  • Vickery Place
  • Victory Park
  • West End
  • And more…
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