High Performance Window Films Add Security, Energy Efficiency & Beauty to Garland Homes & Businesses

Fort Worth Window Film offers the highest quality, high performance window films to residents of Garland Texas. With our decade in the window tinting business, our A+ rating from the better business bureau, and our commitment to offering customers the most outstanding window film product lines on the market today, we hope to be your window film experts.
Fort Worth Window Film is proud to offer window film products from industry innovators Vista, Llumar, Enerlogic, 3M, GraffitiShield and HDclear.
We install window films in Garland residences as well as businesses and government installations. Each of our different window film products has a different type of benefits.

Please contact us for more information or a quote on any of our window film products.

Energy Saving Window Film

Energy efficiency window film. This product can significantly lower heating and cooling costs by upping the thermal efficiency of a home, office, hotel, hospital, factory, or any building with a lot of windows. It’s a great choice for a hospital like Garland’s prestigious Methodist Richardson Medical Center or a hotel like the Hyatt Place Dallas/Garland.

Safety & Security Films

Security and loss prevention window films offer customers an added level of security. They guard against burglars or vandals who try to enter the premises by smashing a window. The film will hold the glass in place even if it does shatter, denying the criminal entry into the building and leaving no dangerous glass shard mess to clean up. Security window films are the perfect choice for security conscious public event centers, government buildings, or any school that is interested in avoiding break-ins and enhancing security, for instance, a university such as Garland’s renowned Amberton University.
Security window film attachment systems are a good choice for a building that might come under threat of attack or a building that houses a lab or other type of industry that works with explosive substances. In the case of a bomb blast, when the windows shatter the shards become deadly shrapnel, and this shrapnel is the cause of significant injury and loss of life. With this film, the glass is held in place and loss of life is lessened.

Decorative Films

Privacy or decorative window film coats the glass with a finish that can appear to be frosted glass, etched glass, mirrored glass, or even colored or patterned glass. Privacy window film can add privacy to a Garland home’s entryway, or to a restaurant that wants to add a more exclusive, private look to its windows.

Anti-Graffiti Film

Anti-graffiti window film is an innovative solution to the problem of surfaces being tagged and ruined. Our anti-graffiti films can be installed on glass, mirrors, or even smooth metal surfaces. Their biggest advantage is that they are removable, so if a graffiti attack does occur, one of our installers can come to your business, remove the ruined film, and replace it with a fresh film. Graffiti is gone, instantly, with no mess to clean up.