Grand Prairie

High-Performance Window Films for Grand Prairie Homes and Businesses

Grand Prairie is a bustling Dallas suburb with thousands of families and all the related businesses that see to their needs. We offer top of the line, highest quality professional window films for both homes and businesses in Grand Prairie. Our innovative products come from the leaders in the window film industry, including Llumar, Vista, Enerlogic, 3M, and more.
Most of our Texas clients are more familiar with the type of window tinting that comes in their vehicles. But for a home, office, or other commercial space, window films can provide a multitude of necessary benefits that make life safer, cheaper, and more comfortable.

For more information about window films in Grand Prairie Texas, we invite you to contact us today by phone or online form. Let us assist you in the choice of the perfect window film to meet your home’s or business’ needs.


Grand Prairie businesses can save substantial amounts on heating and cooling costs with energy saving window film. The more windows the building, the more the potential savings. This type of money-saving product is perfect for a hospital looking to cut down on overhead such as Grand Prairie’s Texas General Hospital. It’s also an outstanding investment for a hotel with many windows such as the lovely La Quinta Inn & Suites Dallas Grand Prairie South.
Grand Prairie businesses might also be interested in our loss prevention window film, anti-graffiti window film, privacy or decorative window films, or perhaps even our cutting edge bomb blast window film.
The bomb blast film is an excellent investment for any government buildings concerned with safety in the event of an explosion or bomb blast. During an explosion, one of the biggest dangers is the shrapnel formed by shattering windows. Government buildings can safeguard against this danger with the installation of bomb blast film, for instance on the many windows of the Grand Prairie City Hall.


With one of our energy efficiency window films, Grand Prairie homeowners can save big time on heating and cooling costs. This high-tech product works by providing a clear barrier on the glass panes of a home’s windows; a barrier that will effectively block a substantial portion of heat gain through the glass during Grand Prairie’s hot summers. And it will also block heat loss through the glass during the winters, keeping the home more comfortable with less energy output by the air conditioning system or the heating system.
Clients report savings on heating and cooling costs of up to fifty percent!
For residential clients who are looking to add security to their homes and shore up the weak link – the windows – we recommend one of our security window films which make the windows much more shatter resistant and thwart the efforts of vandals and burglars who try to break in by smashing a window.