Window Films Offer Energy Savings, Security, and Even Style to Lewisville TX Homes and Businesses

Fort Worth Window film offers the top quality, highest performing window films to customers in Lewisville TX. We are proud to present the residents and businesses of Lewisville Texas with innovative products from industry leaders 3M, Vista, Enerlogic, GraffitiShield, Llumar, and more.

For more information about window films for Lewisville homes, offices, commercial spaces, or government facilities, please contact us today. Our sales staff is standing by to answer your questions and our installers are expertly trained professionals. We are proud to hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we would love to earn your window film business.

Energy Saving Window Film

Energy efficiency window film that enhances windows’ thermal efficiency and can save as much as fifty percent on heating and cooling costs for both Lewisville homeowners and Lewisville business owners.
Energy efficiency window films are an excellent choice for businesses housed in buildings with many windows such as hospitals and hotels who are looking to lower overhead and get some control over rising energy costs. It would be a great investment for any Lewisville hospital, such as Baylor Surgicare at Lewisville, or for any hotel, such as the luxurious four star Holiday Inn Express & Suites Dallas Lewisville. The more windows, the more savings.

Safety & Security Films

Security and loss prevention window film bonds to the glass, leaving it in place in the window if it does get smashed or broken. This adds security by not allowing thieves or burglars entrance through the broken window. With heavier forms of this type of film, the windows become virtually shatterproof, resisting even a swing with a baseball bat.
This type of window film is outstanding to add another level of security to a mall or shops such as Lewisville’s fabulous Vista Ridge Mall on Stemmons Freeway.
We also offer bomb blast window film, which is becoming popular for government buildings or any public space that might come under threat of a bomb or other attack. We have UV block window films and films that are specially engineered to cut glare and allow everyone inside the room to work on their electronic screens at any time of the day.

Decorative Films

Privacy window film is perfect for a home’s entryway, a bathroom window, a glass walled office, or an office whose windows face a busy street. This product can take on the look of frosted glass, mirrored glass, or even pretty decorative glass.
Decorative window film takes privacy a step further by coming in colors, patterns, designs, all of which can offer an instant style upgrade to a room for a fraction of the cost of remodeling it.

Anti-Graffiti Film

Anti-graffiti films are formulated to work on glass surfaces, mirrored surfaces, or even metal surfaces. They don’t stop graffiti, but they definitely make cleanup almost instantaneous. Simply remove the film, taking the graffiti away with it, then install a fresh film.