Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Fort Worth Window Film is proud to carry a full selection of anti graffiti window films for Fort Worth schools, retail stores, and commercial properties. Whether you’re looking for a cost affordable way to restore the stainless steel kitchen in your restaurant or are in need of a solution that can protect your bathrooms from vandalism, we have the perfect window film for you. All of our anti graffiti films can be custom sized and ordered to fit virtually any application.

Types of Graffiti Shields

Installing window film can help restore the damaged metal surfaces or signs in your building. Metal restoration films conceal scratches and marks on metallic surfaces, making them appear brand new.

If you have a mirror in your school or building that has been damaged, window film can help restore it to its original appearance. Anti graffiti films are perfect for mirror restoration projects that need to be completed on a budget. These film conceal scratching, etching, and corrosion, eliminating all signs of wear and damage.