Daylight Redirecting

The Latest in Window Film Technology

In the age of fast-paced business saturated with technology, it can be easy to forget the simple difference that natural sunlight can make between a stressful work day and a successful one. Unnatural fluorescent lights that are used prominently in large office spaces, schools, and other public spaces can cause stress on your eyes and nervous system. However, direct natural sunlight streaming through large office windows is usually no better, as it causes an extreme amount of glare on computer screens and can cause overheating and mental exhaustion. So what's the answer?

The Perfect Solution: Daylight Redirecting Film

Daylight redirecting window film from Fort Worth Window Film is the elegant solution to these problems. The latest in window film innovations from 3M, daylight redirecting window film utilizes micro-replication technology to redirect light coming through windows. Normally, when light from the sun travels through a window, the light travels in a straight line and illuminates the ground and walls that happen to fall in the direct path of the sunlight. With daylight redirecting window film from Fort Worth Window Film, the light passing through the window is instead refracted upward, hitting the ceiling and illuminating the space with gentle, indirect, and natural light.
Before adding daylight redirecting film, this office space is baked in direct sunlight which causes serious glare on computer screens, lights the room unevenly, and forces office managers to leave fluorescent lights running all day long.
Notice the lack of glare on computer screens and how the whole room is lit beautifully and evenly without the need for fluorescent bulbs.