Safety & Security

Protect Valuable Business Assets with Security Window Films

Business facilities harbor all types of valuable assets, from merchandise, to sensitive documents, and from high ranking officials to everyday patrons. If your commercial space is in need of a security upgrade, our safety and security window films and window film systems are the perfect option to help effectively deter criminals, prevent collateral damage from broken glass, and keep people safe in the event of a bomb bast or severe weather event. If you are looking for an effective and unique solution to protecting your business, look no further than security window film solutions from Fort Worth Window Film.
Deter Break Ins & Violent Crime

For businesses with street level entryways and windows, and especially those with locations in the downtown area, robberies are a major cause for concern. Even advanced security systems that can help deter criminals with alarms and visual surveillance systems can’t stop criminals from smashing down large windows, the Achilles heel of any storefront. That’s why we recommend our safety and security window film systems for commercial businesses.

Weather, Natural Disasters & Accidental Damage

Criminals are not the only thing that can shatter or damage windows. Violent weather, such as a heavy wind storm or a downpour of hail can unexpectedly shatter windows in an instant. Accidental damage caused by kids playing ball or even a rock thrown from a lawnmower can cause serious and sudden window breakage. Especially if you live in a household with small children or pets, shattered remnants of glass can cause serious injuries. Mitigate damage from the unexpected, by choosing security window film solutions for your Fort Worth home. Security film defends your loved ones from the dangers of shattered glass, no matter what the cause.

Additional Benefits

Just like our Energy Saving window films, our line of security window films are designed to be 99% percent UV protective. That means that by adding a security film to your windows, you can also protect your floors and furniture from fading, and help to prevent the advent of skin diseases caused by exposure to damaging UVA radiation. Our security films are also available in tinted and non-tinted varieties, so you can increase shade and privacy in your home in addition to improving your home’s security.
Security films from Fort Worth Window Film are effective and diverse, and we highly recommend these films to all of our residential window film customers. If you’d like to get int touch with our window film experts to get pricing for your home or for additional information, fill out the form below or visit our contact page.

Bomb blast window films help mitigate damage from blasts and explosions. These strong, durable films lock glass shards within the window frame, preventing injury and damage.