Residential Window Film

Window Film for Your Home

Whether you are just moving into your very first home or are a tenured Texas homeowner, window film can be the perfect addition to help you save money year-round and get the peace of mind that you and your family deserve. Window film is a relatively inexpensive investment for homeowners, and our wide variety of options ensures that we have the perfect fit for any home.

Tint and Film Varieties

Customers who install solar control films on their homes often see a complete return on investment in as little as 2 years, with annual energy bill savings up to 60%! These films also protect people and surfaces from UV damage, which not only provides additional savings by preventing floors and surfaces from losing color and value over time but can also help prevent the advent of skin cancer.
Our window film experts also recommend security film for homes, especially homes of families with small children, homes with pets, or homes in the downtown area. Security films bond glass together in the event of an impact. So no matter if a window is hit by a stray baseball, debris from a wind storm, hail, or even a robber, your home and loved ones will be protected from harm.
Our decorative films are also a great addition to any home looking to add some privacy to an interior or exterior space. Window film can create a beautiful, custom frosted glass look on walls, windows, and even on glass showers. No matter the look and feel of your home’s interior decor, we can custom design a decorative window film installation to fit your personal aesthetic.