Bird Strike Prevention

Bird Strike Prevention & Fritted Window Films

Birds can't discern the difference between glass and sky. They often mistake the reflections in windows as being a tree branch or bush they can land on or a clear flight path and head straight towards them at normal speed. By installing bird strike prevention window film for your Fort Worth home, you can help birds in your area stay safe and prevent glass collisions. Also known as fritted window films, these glass laminates use subtle patterns and lines to make windows more obvious to birds so they know to fly around them.

Benefits and Features

Prevent Glass Collisions

Birds aren’t the only ones that collide with glass. Humans and pets are just as capable of making the same innocent mistakes. A distracted child may not notice that a glass patio door is closed and collide quickly and suddenly in an attempt to go outside to play. Pets too can be injured in this manner, when a sudden burst of excitement causes them to lunge at a window or glass area. By installing fritted window film, you can make your home safer for both pets and your family.

Save Birds Lives

Millions of birds die in glass collisions each year. And surprisingly, a far larger number of bird fatalities occur at people’s homes rather than commercial sites. Dealing with a bird collision can be both messy and emotionally distressing, especially if the issue happens repeatedly. With bird strike prevention window film, Fort Worth homeowners can help birds steer clear of windows and glass doors, and preserve local avian populations.

Protect the Environment

Birds play an important role in maintaining our natural eco systems. They control insect populations and help spread pollen that allows plants and vegetables to grow. By installing bird strike prevention window film, you are doing your part not only to protect birds, but also the eco system as a whole. Furthermore, many window films have heat blocking properties that help reduce energy use, which can significantly lower one’s carbon footprint.