Exterior Building Wraps

The Benefits of Exterior Building Wraps

You may not know what a building wrap is but, you have probably seen one. They are basically films that cover part or all of a building. They can be used as a decorative element or a promotional one as well. Take a look at the two different types of building wraps that may work on your Fort Collins Commercial space below.

Promotional Building Wraps In Fort Collins

These films are applied to buildings to change the building’s exterior into a stunning, larger than life ad. They are incredibly functional–able to be customized with any graphic your marketing team can dream up and can be applied to brick, concrete, cinder-block, and/or wood. From making head turns to driving in new business to stylishly announcing an upcoming show or event–building wraps are a new standard in advertising. The type of businesses that do well with building wraps vary but really, any business that wants to engage their audience in a bold, innovative way will work. Below are just a few of the perfect business models that find large format banners to be an amazing option.

Businesses That Benefit The Most From Promotional Building Wraps

Decorative Exterior Building Wraps In Fort Collins

Building wraps essentially “upcycle” the exterior of buildings utilizing film on all or part of the building. These decorative films can be placed on glass to revamp and outdated look or put on an aging facade to make them more uniform. Finally, strategic placement accent vinyl decals can actually transform the entire style of a boring building exterior. When applied over windows, building wraps give many of the same benefits of window film– solar heat gain reduction, protection against 99% of harmful UV rays, and lower utility bills too.

Businesses That Benefit The Most From Promotional Building Wraps

  • Apartments
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants

Here at Fort Collins Window Film, we have design services for building wraps and we install them too. Whether you are looking for a full promotional building wrap or a partial decorative building wrap to spruce up the exterior of your commercial space–we can help. We will work with you to create the exact large format banner to wrap the exterior of your commercial space for the maximum effect– bold, beautiful, and long-lasting. Contact us today for more information on these unique marketing assets for your Fort Collins business.