Energy Savings

Why Solar Control Window Film for Your Home?

Any homeowner will tell you, natural light is key to a warm, beautiful, and happy home. Who doesn’t love to throw open the blinds and let some gorgeous Texas sunlight into their living room or bedroom in the morning? Unfortunately, there are some costly side effects to allowing direct sunlight to enter your home regularly. That's why Fort Worth Window Film offers a wide variety of solar control window film products to homeowners in the Fort Worth/Dallas area. This incredible window film technology not only stops the damaging effects of harsh sunlight such as fading of hardwood floors, it actually helps save you and your family money year-round. And who doesn't love saving money?

Benefits and Options

Save Money on Energy Bills

All homeowners know that saving money without sacrificing quality of life is a daily struggle. One of the largest expenses homeowners struggle with is the monthly energy bill. Each year, homeowners in Texas spend hundreds to thousands of dollars keeping their home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. At Fort Worth Window Film, we offer a simple solution to reduce your home’s energy usage and to help you save up to 60% annually on your energy bills. Our solar control window film products are designed to insulate your windows, preventing air from escaping from the inside of your home and stopping harsh, direct sunlight from penetrating windows. By keeping conditioned air in, and bright sun out, solar control films effectively help homeowners to regulate the air temperature throughout their home without turning on the heat or blasting the A/C. Mother nature, and your wallet, will thank you for upgrading your home’s windows with solar control window film from Fort Worth Window Film.

Block Harmful UV Radiation

Sunlight contains 2 types of UV radiation: UVA and UVB. The key difference is that UVB radiation is filtered out by regular windows, while UVA radiation is not. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, UVA radiation exposure is the leading cause of skin cancer and related skin conditions in America. In fact, 1 in 5 Americans will develop some form of skin related disease in his or her lifetime. Aside from being incredibly damaging to humans, this harmful radiation also causes irreversible damage to hardwood floors, furniture, art, and electronics. Excessive exposure to UVA radiation causes color to fade from floors and can also bleach out fabric coverings on furniture.
The hidden dangers of UVA radiation are why the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends solar control window films for homeowners everywhere. All of our solar control films block 99% of incoming UVA and UVB radiation, effectively eliminating the threat of sun related skin disease and sun fading for those in your household. Get some serious protection and peace of mind for yourself and loved ones by upgrading your windows with solar control window film.

Prevent Glare

Whether it’s a day’s work in your home office, watching the game with all your friends, or enjoying your favorite show with the family, any activity involving a screen can be absolutely ruined by bothersome glare. Most of the time, homeowners simply cover up windows to prevent glare, but what if there was a solution to eradicate glare without sacrificing natural light? Solar control films were designed specifically with the modern homeowner in mind, reducing glare on screens by lowering the percentage of light transmitted through windows by a very small amount. By softening incoming light, glare is eliminated without the need for blinds, curtains, or extremely dark window coverings. Don’t compromise, choose solar control window film for your Fort Worth home.

Tinted and Non-Tinted Options

Our solar control films for residences come in tinted and non-tinted varieties, with many different tinting options to choose from. We offer a wide variety of shades of window tint, from completely clear to about 50% black. Tinted windows increase privacy for home occupants and decrease the amount of light entering your home, reducing glare and keeping your home cooler. But for those worried about night visibility, our clear films provide the same protection without the tinted finish. No matter your preference, contact our window tinting experts to help you choose the solar control film that is right for your home.