Window Films Offer Practical Benefits to Carrollton Texas Homeowners and Business Owners

Fort Worth Window Film offers the top performing window films available on the market today, along with expert and highly trained installers and a commitment to customer service.
We work with Carrollton homeowners as well as business owners to supply them with the information they need to choose the right film for the right need, as well as an expert and efficient installation experience. With our decade of experience, we hope you will consider Fort Worth Window Film for all your window film needs.

In Carrollton, there are many reasons why someone would install window film in their home or office.
For more info about any of these products, please contact us today.

Energy Saving Window Film

This product makes windows and glass doors considerably more thermally efficient and saves money on heating and cooling costs. Perfect for any Carrollton homeowner who would love to find a way to bring down those energy bills along with a lower carbon footprint.
This product is also an outstanding money-saving choice for any commercial location, even a hospital like the Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Carrollton or a hotel such as Carrollton’s well known The One Boutique Hotel & Banquet.

Safety & Security Films

This product can add great peace of mind and an upgrade to any existing security system. Once installed, the security film will hold the glass in place in a window even if it has been smashed. This denies any criminal entry into the premises as well as eliminating any dangerous glass cleanup. Security or loss prevention window film is an excellent investment in security for any ground floor businesses or shops, for instance the shops as Carrollton’s Trinity Valley Shopping Center on N Josey Lane or a jewelry store like Texas Jewelry, Inc.
Security window film is also useful in a laboratory that deals with explosive substances as well as government buildings and even some historical landmark or cultural attractions such as stadiums. In an explosion, windows shatter and the flying glass becomes potentially deadly shrapnel. Bomb blast film prevents the glass from flying out of the window frames and protects people in its vicinity from this danger.

Decorative Films

These products add privacy to any glass surface yet still let in light at the same time. They come in an array of styles and designs, ranging from frosted to colored to patterned designs and more. A privacy film is terrific in a Carrollton homeowner’s entryway or the ground floor, street facing office windows of a medical practitioner or salon.

Anti-Graffiti Film

Fort Worth Window Film also caries Anti-graffiti window film. This product comes in several varieties, and can protect glass, a mirror, or a metal surface. In the event there is graffiti, the film can be removed and a new clean film quickly installed. No more hours of clean up.