UV / Fade Reduction

Why UV Blocking Window Film for Your Home?

You’ve invested a lot into your beautiful home, and spent a lot of money and time taking care of it. It’s important to make sure that your home and valuables are protected from the sun. Fade prevention window film provides an easy solution for retrofitting the windows of your Fort Worth home for added uv resistance. Fade prevent window film acts like an invisible screen that filters the electromagnetic spectrum and casts off uv rays that cause fading and skin disease. With fade prevention window film, you can keep your space free of 99.9% of uv rays and experience the benefits of SPF 1000 for your home.

Benefits and Options

Protect Your Family’s Skin

Sunlight contains 2 types of UV radiation: UVA and UVB. The key difference is that UVB radiation is filtered out by regular windows, while UVA radiation is not. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, UVA radiation exposure is the leading cause of skin cancer and related skin conditions in America. In fact, 1 in 5 Americans will develop some form of skin related disease in his or her lifetime. The hidden dangers of UVA radiation are why the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends solar control window films for homeowners everywhere. All of our solar control films block 99% of incoming UVA and UVB radiation, effectively eliminating the threat of sun related skin disease and cancer for those in your household. Get some serious protection and peace of mind for yourself and loved ones by upgrading your windows with fade prevention window film.

Prevent Colors from Fading

Aside from being incredibly damaging to humans, ultraviolet radiation also causes irreversible damage to hardwood floors, furniture, art, and electronics. Excessive exposure to UVA radiation causes color to fade from floors and can also bleach out fabric coverings on furniture. This is the result of a process called photodegradation, in which colors lose their vibrancy due to molecular mutation as a result of contact with radiation. Not only can the sun destroy the things that you hold dear, but it can also create a hole in your pocket by forcing you to replace all the damaged items that you could have otherwise kept and enjoyed for years. Window tint works to counteract the effects of fading by keeping uv rays out of your home.

Eliminate Glare

A cool, comfortable home is a necessary thing to have in Fort Worth’s warm climate, especially during the summer. When it gets hot outside, you need to be able to retreat someplace cool indoors. But cranking up the AC constantly is no good for your hvac equipment. Eventually, your air conditioning unit will break down from the constant wear, and will have to be replaced. New hvac equipment can cost anywhere from $500-$4,000. By installing window film, you won’t have to rely on your air conditioning as much to keep your home cool. Window film helps to retain cool air and keep your home at the temperature you set your air conditioning system to, preventing the unit from becoming exhausted. In the long run, it’s a worthwhile investment as the benefits greatly outweigh the costs.

In Fort Worth’s climate, having uv protection while indoors is extremely important. Contrary to popular belief, even when we’re inside our own homes, we’re still at risk to being exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Uv rays seep through single pane glass quite easily. Our exposure to them can cause a number of bodily ailments such as cancer and eye disease. Additionally, these same rays ruin the beauty of furniture and flooring by depleting colors. Uv protection window film blocks out 99% of uv rays, acting like sunscreen for your home.