Hanita Coatings Window Film

Hanita Coatings: Superior Protection for Fort Worth Homes and Businesses

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For more than 30 years, Hanita Coatings has provided energy-efficient window films and security coatings for residents and businesses alike. They’re the ideal solution to protect and streamline your Fort Worth home or business without straining your budget.

hanita coatings window films fort worth

Interior and Exterior Solutions for Your Building

Hanita Coatings’ SolarZone film provides UV blocking technology to homeowners and business owners looking to save money on their energy costs. The film helps you maintain temperatures inside, reduces glare, and keeps your space comfortable no matter how bright it is outside. But even better, you won’t have to sacrifice the natural light you love from your windows.

If you’re looking for privacy, reflective films will keep what’s going on indoors from being on display to the outside. There are options for every building and almost every budget.

Security Solutions for Concerned Fort Worth Citizens

It should come as no surprise that security is a major issue whether you own a home or a business. And Hanita Coatings’ security film is the perfect solution for Fort Worth buildings. The film acts as a protective barrier for your windows, making them more impact resistant and sparing you the frustration and safety concerns of broken glass.

The film holds up against natural disasters, vandals, and even minor blasts. If the glass does break, the film will keep the pieces intact, speeding the cleanup process and reducing your risk of injuries during repairs.

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