Energy Saving

Energy Savings & UV Protection for Commercial Spaces

From restaurants and bars, to libraries and schools, to offices and hotels, all commercial spaces are filled with valuable people, technology, and furniture. If you manage or own one of these spaces, an investment in a solar control window upgrade for your exterior windows could be just the change you need to not only protect your business materials, staff, and customers but also to help you save money year-round. Check out some of the many benefits of solar control window film by viewing the video to the right or reading the tabs below, and see why so many businesses in Fort Worth and across Texas are choosing solar control films for their commercial space.

Benefits and Options for Solar Control Window Film

Save Money on Energy Bills

Property managers for commercial spaces know that saving money on monthly expenses is of paramount importance to maintaining a functional business budget. With energy prices as high as they are, who wouldn’t love to cut back on their company’s energy expenditures? Solar control window films work to save your company money year-round, by insulating windows, eliminating incoming UV radiation, and decreasing the amount of visible light transmitted from the exterior by a small percentage. Solar control films block treated air from escaping windows, and block exterior air from seeping through panes of glass. By applying a solar control film to your large commercial space, you can see a complete return on investment in energy savings in as little as 2 years, with continual savings of up to 60% of your average yearly energy bills.

Block Harmful UV Radiation

Sunlight contains 2 types of UV radiation: UVA and UVB. The key difference is that UVB radiation is filtered out by regular windows, while UVA radiation is not. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, UVA radiation exposure is the leading cause of skin cancer and related skin conditions in America. In fact, 1 in 5 Americans will develop some form of skin related disease in his or her lifetime. Aside from being incredibly damaging to humans, this harmful radiation also causes irreversible damage to valuable electronics, furniture, hardwood floors, and even fabrics.
The hidden dangers of UVA radiation are why the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends solar control window films for business owners of all kinds. All of our solar control films block 99% of incoming UV radiation, effectively eliminating the threat of sun related skin disease and sun fading for those in your place of business. Get some serious protection and peace of mind for your valuables and employees by upgrading your windows with solar control window film.

Prevent Glare

An office space with large open windows is not only a beautiful place to work, but the natural light helps employees to be more productive and focused throughout the day. However, these windows are often simply covered up with curtains in order to avoid unwanted glare on screens and to prevent employees from overheating from excessive exposure to direct sunlight. Covering up windows with blinds ruins beautiful views and collapses a space, making it seem much less inviting. Solar control films are highly effective in mitigating glare on computer screens. Tinted solar control films reduce visible light transmission by a variable percentage, allowing only some light to pass through and keeping a space beautifully lit all day long and helping employees stay cool. Tinted films also create a beautiful, uniform look on the exterior of your building, day and night, and provide privacy for offices large and small throughout your facility.

Tinted and Non-Tinted Options

Our solar control films for businesses come in tinted and non-tinted varieties, with many different tinting options to choose from. As we stated before, we recommend these films particularly for reducing heat and glare without sacrificing beautiful views. We offer a wide variety of shades of window tint, from completely clear to about 50% black. Tinted windows increase privacy for staff and customers and create a stunning, uniform finish to the exterior of your building. But for those worried about night visibility, our clear films provide the same protection without the tinted finish. No matter your preference, our window tinting experts can help you choose the solar control film that is right for your commercial space.